Pete & Tanya Rothing
(406) 388-1760

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3108 Linney Road
Bozeman, MT 59715

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If you are wanting information quickly, please call us at (406) 388-1760 or:

Diamond R Kennels, established in 1982, is owned and operated by Pete & Tanya Rothing. The goal of our dog breeding program is to produce top-quality working labrador retrievers that are sound both physically and mentally while still retaining the classic labrador good looks.

Did you know you were looking at Diamond R AKC Labradors?

Diamond R Stables' breeding program involves both purebred Paint and Quarter horses as well as crossbred horses of Paint, Quarter, Thoroughbred, Belgian, Andalusian, Percheron and American Cream Draft blood.

Diamond R Cattle Co. was started in 1992 with the importation of the 1st herd of Miniature Herefords to the state of Montana.